(Video) This Man Is Strongly Against Prepping. This Reminds Us How We Can Truly Prepare for a Collapse.

wounded survival man

The video on the next page should serve as a warning and cautionary tale we must pay special attention to if we are a survivalist or are preparing for a collapse.

It reminds us that there are people in the world who do not appreciate or understand the survival mentality or more appropriately, do not understand it.

Either way, these types of people pose a challenge, both in the event of a survival scenario or in the event of getting ready for a collapse.

It also highlights the need for survivalists or those prepping for a survival situation to be both thoughtful of others that they may encounter as they gather what they need to be prepared.

After the break is a video that covers what a person may face as they prepare for a survival situation and some additional thoughts on the matter as well.

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