How the New Madrid Fault Zone Could Divide the United States in Half


It's intriguing to think about what the United States would look like if it were suddenly split in half. Well, if the US Geological Survey has anything to say about it, we may actually find out in time.

It's not enough that our country is already on polar opposites politically, now there's some worry about our country literally being split in half!

Even though the New Madrid fault zone is common knowledge to many, here's a bit of a refresher. As we understand, the United States already has a ton of fault zones that are underneath its surface and the most common is the San Andreas fault.

Yes, the San Andreas fault is closely observed, another fault line that's now being closely observed the new Madrid fault. If you've read the news then you can understand why specialists are now keeping a closer eye on this fault. It happens to be six times larger than the San Andres fault and it happens to cover a large section of Indiana, Illinois, Missouris, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. That's a lot of states!

It's scary to think about what could happen if we were impacted by a rupture on this new fault line, but it's something we must consider ahead of time. Venture over to the next page to see how this could happen and we can better prepare ourselves!

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  1. Mark Varry said:

    The conspiracy theorists show a map where the gulf of mexico connects to great lakes and Indiana is beachfront property. Guess saves time driving to coast for spring break.