Our Cell Phones Are Spying on Us: 4 Ways to Block a Cell Phone and Stop Being Monitored

camera, earth, and surveillance camera

Technology is constantly changing and it's hard to know how safe we are. It seems like a lot of what we do on our smart phones is being monitored, which makes many people rightfully uneasy.

A recent report said that roughly 85% of smartphones carry 24 “zero days,” which is a glitch exploited by CIA agents. They collect private messages and private audio from everyday citizens like ourselves.

With this happening for quite a while now, it makes us worried. Many people are concerned that their privacy is being compromised, and they have a right to feel this way.

The glitch is mainly found in Android smartphones from Samsung or Sony. So if you or any loved ones have this phone, there are 4 smart tips to utilize that can help block access from officials and thus help you protect your privacy.

After the break learn some smart ways to protect your phone and personal life.

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  1. Mary L. Meyer said:

    Am I missing something. It lists items to buy to protect but with no direction on when, how to use them. I know my phone and computer is loaded with spy wear from all of the adds that pop up when I switch from the internet to social media..

  2. Ricky Galloway said:

    That’s because we have a bunch of communist bastards trying to ruin our country president Donald Trump step on them like they’re a bunch of flies

  3. Sam Wyatt said:

    Lol done blocked my cell phone and laptop from spying on me