Alert: Our Cell Phones Are Spying on Us! Here Are 4 Ways to Block a Cell Phone and Prevent Being Monitored

camera, earth, and surveillance camera

Protecting your phone and your personal life is important, especially if you feel your privacy is being invaded. The one thing you must obtain before trying any of these tips is a Mylar blanket or any multipurpose plastic sheet. Here is the list of tips:

1. Chip/Snack bags: An infinite variety of sizes are available, and you will have to gauge what size you use after taking the size of your phone/device into account.

2. Mylar in the form of “ponchos” or “space blankets”: these are a little more expensive than the chips, but only slightly so. You will end up with more Mylar to use, and the pieces you cut will not need to be cleaned off of salt and other detritus as with the chip bags.

3. Freezer bags: Also in a variety of sizes, such as ones that hold up to 30 lbs. of food/ice (for a laptop-sized device) or just a small 1’ x 1’ bag, such as a lunchbag-cooler size.

4. Another thing to do is to place your device inside of an ammo can (military issue). In doing so, make sure the rubber gasket around the mouth seals efficiently for a tight seal.  There are other containers that can be used; however, you may have to reinforce the seams with something such as Aluminum HVAC duct tape (available for about $15 per roll from your local Home Depot), and cover them over.  With the ammo cans, the container is contiguous with only the lid needing that rubber gasket that works.

These tips not only work well for smartphones, but also for other “smart devices” including laptops and tablet computers. With our world and technology constantly changing, it's important to stay up to date on the latest findings and make a decision as to what to do about it.

Now if an EMP takes place you probably won't have to worry about your life being monitored, but if you're concerned about it now these 4 tips and steps should help.

Source: Ready Nutrition


  1. Tucker Brooks said:

    Ok, so you don’t have to deal with all of the crappy ads… 1 is put your phone in a chip bag. 2 is wrap your phone in a mylar bag so you don’t have to wipe off salt and chips (no joke, the article really says that). 3 is put your phone in a large freezer bag and 4 is lock it in a metal ammo can and tape the edges with aluminum tape.

    I guess it might just be easier to shut the phone off and pull the battery out if you don’t want someone spying on you.

    Oh! Don’t forget your tin foil hat!

  2. Bert Karmels said:

    So basically you are saying put it in an ammo can and don’t use it

  3. Michael Hitchcock said:

    So, any action you take to block monitoring also blocks being able to use the phone, making owning a cell phone useless.

  4. Keith Maddox said:

    So , this post is stupid as hell, take a hammer to your phone kinda… Idiots.

  5. John Broughman said:

    ,hey people they have been doing this for a long time every time you text or message take a picture the government knows what you have done so keep texting and talking$#%&!@*that you don’t want people to know they will know no way around it but I thought they news if a warrant to bug your phone well they don’t have one and there is no law yet that says they can do it you can get that thrown out of court if you are arrested for something you said on your phone I think

  6. Garrett Dunn said:

    Look up Internet of Things. You think we’re being watched now? By 2020, an estimated 80-billion devices will have IoT technology. This is going to happen. Congress passed a bill called the DIGIT Act in 2016 that basically mandates IoT be in all devices by 2020… cars, phones, computer, your fridge, etc. Even your kids’ toys will have IoT technology

  7. Nathaniel Weiskircher said:

    Just buy an iPhone. According to this almost useless article most of the security issues involve androids

  8. Kevin Boreing said:

    If you are taking these measures, why not just throw the phone away. It’s no good to you sitting in 4 layers of radio signal blocking material. Might as well not have it in the first place…

  9. Dan Davis said:

    No measure is perfect, because you can be located by trangular distance between 3 cell towers.
    Which will find you if your cell phone is with you. My advice; if you go camping or backpacking, or natural disasters take your phone and extra precharge device with you. Most folks have nothing to hide even if the government is spying on us. However in a real survival or bug out situation, such as an invasion force, civil war, etc. Where one does have to bug out. My cell phone is the first thing I will leave behind. So as not to be tracked by whomever is spying. Even police forces use cell towers to triangulate a location of a criminal who owns a cell phone. Most of us aren’t crimes so I feel safe otherwise.

  10. Steve Gibson said:

    Probably should just never leave your house either..atm security cameras..traffic cams etc are all spying on little ole you..cuz your important.. Your daily life is of the up most importance to the feds..gimme a break

  11. Harold Mcdermott said:

    Haha so they gonna spy on 240 million people they gonna be just a little bored lol