The Secret Killer We Could All Face During a Collapse if We Don’t Learn How to Handle it Now

burning trash

We've address a variety of survival topics, from how to survive a collapse to how to deal with a survival situation after it takes place. There are so many things to prepare for and things to do before and after a disaster and some may feel like it's impossible to ever be completely ready for what is to come.

Still, even if we can't pull it together we may be able to survive as a family, small groups, or even as a lone wolf. The largest problem will be the elements we are unable to control (and no, we're not talking zombies). 😉

Yet even those types of situations — even if we're constantly thinking ahead — are limited. Being in charge during pivotal moments that we cannot control may not always be possible — and that's scary to think about.

On the next page check out what may become a secret killer post collapse that could potentially destroy us all if we're not on top of it. It's possible to contain it but don't forget about until it's too late!

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