4 Old Wives Tales That Believe it or Not Are Really… True!

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Everyone wonders every now and again if a century from now if the things we believe in today — such as the sayings we have repeated over and over again — will be thought of as humorous.

Think about it: Our ancestors put a lot of what they believe in in print. Today we can recall what they said and what worked for them with humor and sometimes even tolerance.

Maybe it's our great-grandparents who should be understanding of the knowledge we have today as opposed to the reverse. 😉 The reason why is that not everything we have and know today is free from error, just like what grandma holds as gospel truth may not always be true either… or are they?!

After the break check out four old wives tales in particular that many of us have heard of over and over again. We may tend to think these “tales” are ludicrous but they're far from it because they're actually… true!

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