4 Old Wives Tales That Are Actually True

old woman


An apple a day will keep the doctor away.

This is perhaps the most common saying when it comes to a mother’s chiding. All you crave is a cookie or some crunchy potato chips, and what holds you back from indulging (or at least gives you extra guilt pangs) is this simple and easy saying. This little bit of health advice not only is supremely easy to remember, but it accurately conveys the importance of a nutritious apple in your diet. Apples contain soluble fibers that promotes blood health, boron which leads the way for strong bones, a cancer-inhibiting flavonoid called quercetin, vitamin C, and phytonutrients which fight heart disease and diabetes. There’s no reason not to find a crunchy, delicious apple right now and every day.

These are common everyday sayings that we have heard for years and years. They have been written down, uttered, and filed away for later advisement. And now, if you were unsure if they were true – we will lay that wonder to rest!

Now just because you eat an apple a day doesn't mean you won't ever have to go to the doctor, but as any survivalist knows, proper nutrition is going to keep you going during a collapse and even in the days to come. Take care of your body and get ready to deal with survival scenarios and you'll be much better off.

Speaking of health, check out another old wives tale after the break that's actually true and can really benefit you in more ways than one.

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