4 Old Wives Tales That Are Actually True

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chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup/bone broth cures colds and other illnesses.

Many of us grew up on chicken soup as a remedy for colds, the flu, and basically for anything that made us slow down. I always chalked this remedy up as a cultural practice or just to the fact that it’s warm and delicious; so of course it’s a comforting option! Recently though, this whole chicken-soup-as-treatment has been making a lot more sense. Bone broth has finally hit the mainstream, and the benefits of a hearty broth-based chicken soup are hard to ignore. Bone broth benefits include reduced inflammation and chicken contains cysteine which is an amino acid which thins mucus and gets it moving out of your system. Plus, it just tastes delicious.

Just like an apple of day can keep us healthy, so can chicken soup aka bone broth. Well, it turns out bone broth can indeed provide a ton of nutrition and with its amino acids it's no wonder we love chicken noodle soup during the colder months. No one wants to get sick, so if you have the opportunity to stockpile chicken soup and broth for the future — I suggest you do it.

Read on to learn about a eerie old wives tale that's actually true. I wouldn't have guessed this one was accurate but now it makes perfect sense.

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