4 Old Wives Tales That Are Actually True

old woman

Over the generations, there have been some old wives tales that, while fanciful, we need to take with a grain of salt.

Maybe they were impacted by someone’s great-great-great-grand mother or father and, at the time; they seemed to make sense. However, as the years pass we cock our head in wonder.

A lot of the downfall of these wives tales comes in the form of science. Disproving what great grandma always told us often appears a joyful move in a science lab or even on such television shows like “Myth Busters.”

Still, there are a few tales out there that are not just true, but their history is downright fascinating!

After the break, please go on over to the next page and read-up on four of these “old wives tales” and, while you are at it, think about where you first heard them!

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