9 Bugs That Are Okay to Eat During a Survival Scenario


Not a lot of people warm up to the idea that if a natural disaster takes place or a collapse that we may have to eat bugs to survive, but it's something that may happen. It's true not a lot of people want to eat bugs, but it's still important to figure out which bugs are okay to consume. It's better than starving.

Some cultures use bugs as a normal cuisine. Then there's Bear Grylls, who doesn't mind showing us how to eat bugs (in fact, you can watch a video of him eating larvae at the end of this article). It may not sound appetizing, but we may change our mind if there aren't any other options.

When faced with a collapse where there isn't any food available except for insects, we must know what types of bugs are alright to eat and where to find them.

Warning: There are some bugs on this list that should not be eaten raw. Eat them raw and parasites could infect your body. Keep in mind that it's important to make a fire and cook them. For insects such as ants or termites it's okay to eat them prior to cooking them, but for others, it's vital to cook out the potential health risks.

After the break check out which insects are suitable for eating — and which ones also have a lot of nutrition. It's time to learn all about eating cockroaches and termites — who's in?!

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