Eating For Survival: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption

#9: Agave Worms

agave worms

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Also known as “Maguey Worms,” these larvae are alright to eat. You might already know that they're infamous for swimming at the bottom of Tequila bottles and even though they’re not very common in the U.S., they are very popular in Mexico.

#8: Ants


There are various ants that can be consumed. Some include honeypot ants, lemon ants, carpenter ants, and leaf-cutter ants. So that you can tell them a part, Honeypot Ants have swollen abdomens and are considered a quality food source. While bugging out, dig them up from the ground and eat them raw. Leafcutter ants are mainly located mainly in South America and you should know they supposedly taste like a mix of pistachio and bacon. Lemon ants are found in the Amazon Jungle, and some people say they taste like lemons!

For some very interesting type of bugs to eat head to the next page. One is a common food source for some cultures and the other has a soft, juicy body. Hey, when you're starving it's good to know where you can get the most protein!

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  1. K.C. Lejeune said:

    I love grasshoppers! Can carry worms so must be cooked thoroughly.