Eating For Survival: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption


#5: Cockroach

Contrary to what many believe, these edible bugs can actually be very clean and tasty. Many people believe they can't be eaten, but that's not true. A cockroach will be tasty if they’ve eaten fruits and vegetables, so hopefully if you find to eat that'll be the case. If you find one when SHTF, know that it’s okay to eat.


#4: Grasshoppers and Crickets

Easy to find and high in nutrition, these bugs are supposed to be tasty. When you think about the other bugs on the list, they don't seem like such a bad idea. In order to catch a grasshopper it's best to look for them in the morning and the same applies to crickets. Since these bugs are fast, you'll need to be faster. Seek out grasshoppers and crickets in dark areas — such as under rocks and logs. You can also check shrubs, tall grasses, and trees.

The bugs on the next page are a little bit easier to find in the wild, but they may not be as appetizing. Still, they all will make a good meal in an emergency. One bug, in particular, I had no idea I could eat! Not that I would want to try. 😉 Check out what they are after the break.

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  1. K.C. Lejeune said:

    I love grasshoppers! Can carry worms so must be cooked thoroughly.