Eating For Survival: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption

Many people hate the idea that if they're dealing with a serious survival situation they may be forced to eat bugs, but it's a reality we should face. Many of us aren't fan of bugs or have a desire to see what they would taste like, but it's important to know which insects would do when potential starvation is an issue.

Sure, in some cultures certain bugs are considered a cuisine but that doesn't mean we're used to eating them. Some survivalist may not mind eating insects — take Bear Grylls for example who shows us how to eat larvae on the video at the end of the article. I for one do not intent to eat bugs unless I'm desperate.

When dealing with a situation where there aren't any other options but to eat insects to stay alive, it's important to know what we can and cannot eat. So let's take the time to learn about the bugs we can eat.

Warning: There are many bugs on this list that should not be eaten raw. The reason why is there is the possibility of getting parasites. Unfortunately a parasitic infection in a survival situation can lead to death so if there's the option to make a fire and cook them, do so. Luckily for bugs like ants or termites, this generally doesn’t apply but keep this in mind when learning about the other insects.

After the break learn all about the insects that are safe to consume — and which ones are packed full of nutrition! Who wants to eat a cockroach?!

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  1. K.C. Lejeune said:

    I love grasshoppers! Can carry worms so must be cooked thoroughly.