Eating For Survival: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption


#3: Termites

Termites spend the majority of their time inside wood, so if you eat these bugs that happen to be an excellent source of protein, you're less likely to get parasites. They're also easy to catch — simply break open a semi-rotted log and quickly shake them out. As soon as termites see the light they'll try to bury themselves deeper in wood, so catch them while you can.


#2: Earthworms

You're in luck — earthworms are the easiest to catch of all of the bugs on this list. We've all seen an earthworm at one time or another or have dug around in damp soil to get some to fish with. If you're bugging out you can try flipping over rocks to see if you can find a few. During a SHTF situation they can be eaten raw. However, to ensure you won't get parasites, it's best to cook them over a fire.


#1: Stinkbugs

Yes, stinkbugs are yet another type of insect you can eat. In Mexico, they’re considered a delicacy (they even have an annual festival to celebrate them). During the winter, it's easy to find stinkbugs underneath logs and rocks, for example. Sometimes in the evening they’ll be in plain sight on the ground. Some people are alright eating them raw, but be aware they have an “iodine” taste, which means they'll taste better if cooked.

If you haven't lost your appetite yet check out this video of Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild eating giant larvae. Good luck stomaching it!


  1. K.C. Lejeune said:

    I love grasshoppers! Can carry worms so must be cooked thoroughly.