Eating For Survival: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption

bee larvae

#7: Bee Larvae

Believe it or not, but bee larvae is a very common food select in a variety of cultures. When prepared as a luxury, bee larvae is usually roasted and sautéed in butter. Some say when they're sautéed they taste like a mix of mushrooms and bacon. Even though we won't have this luxury in the wild, it's still something to keep in mind.


#6: Cicada

Cicadas are known for their soft, juicy bodies and are found mainly in Eastern United States. They live underground for a long 17 years before emerging and becoming adults. Many people think this type of bug is very delicious. You can find a variety of these species of edible bugs in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. They may not look very appetizing, but they’re safe to eat. Keep this in mind post-collapse and you're looking for a bug or two to eat.

After the break check out a few more well-known bugs that are okay to eat. They may not seem appetizing but when you're dealing with a collapse and you need protein they may be your best option!

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  1. K.C. Lejeune said:

    I love grasshoppers! Can carry worms so must be cooked thoroughly.