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How To Build A Smoker In The Wild

Smoking meat is a very effective way to cook and store meat beyond just a few days. In a survival situation, being able to smoke meat is vital because: In a longer than usual power outage situation, it allows you to preserve meat you have refrigerated or frozen before it spoils In a more primitive survival

Stock Up On These Food Items While You Can

You never know when a natural disaster will strike and when it does driving to the grocery store, facing empty shelves and harried clerks, may be a thing of past – for your family. Canning and stocking up on non-perishable food items is not just for your grand-parents anymore. Anyone who is a survivalist or

The Survivalists Guide To Eating Bugs For Protein

Entomophagy (bug eating) isn’t exactly a revolutionary subject matter. We’ve all tuned in for an episode or two of the television show “Survivor” and have witnessed contestants eating a variety of creepy crawlies to keep themselves alive and in the game. The true question that comes to mind, after getting over the “ick” factor of course, is just how

Awesome Survival Foods For Your Survival Kit

Conventional wisdom states that everyone needs an emergency kit. Whether you’re living on the east coast with severe rain and snow storms, in middle America where there are tornados and hurricanes, or the west coast, where there is often the fear of frightful earthquakes, common sense states you need to be prepared. Food is a very important

Ultimate Survival Bread With A Long Shelf Life

When faced with a survival situation, making do with whatever is at hand is a must. That includes utilizing whatever food or ingredients for food you find and knowing how to make nutritional that people will want to eat and that will have a long shelf-life. This awesome recipe for Survival Bread is one such item!


How To Sustain Meat Without A Refrigerator

One major challenge to those who have sporadic electricity supplies or who are in a survival situation, is that no power supply means you’re unable to preserve meat without refrigeration. With the reported shape of our national electrical grid, this is an issue that could confront all of us. In a sustained outage, all that meat

Edible Plants In The Wild You Need To Know About

One of the most over-estimated concepts of survival, be it necessary because of a personal crisis (getting lost, surviving an accident, etc.) or larger scale emergency (natural disaster, power grid collapse, etc.,) is the notion of “living off the land.” Most of us have a romanticized view of the concept and fail to realize that

The Survivalists Guide to Stocking Your Kitchen

Is you refrigerator and pantry properly stocked in the event of a SHTF scenario? Do you have enough protein and nutrients to sustain yourself and your family if an emergency were to strike tomorrow? The key to surviving in any situation is to be prepared, plain and simple. But how does one prepare their kitchen?

3 Awesome Campfire Friendly Foods You Need to Make

Who doesn’t enjoy good comfort food? Food you can really sink your teeth into and indulge in? We like to stay in good shape, so that doesn’t allow for excessive indulgences. BUT it definitely allows for some. We’ve got some mouthwatering, truly unique and delicious meals you can make – and the best part? They’re

Plants That are Safe to Eat Worldwide

To eat, or not to eat? That can sometimes be a life or death question. But when you’re out in the wilderness and you’re searching for something to gain nourishment from, you’ll want to be very careful what you select from nature to consume. Not all of natures goodies are healthy to eat. Some are

10 EXCELLENT Foods to Have In an Emergency!

Storm watch. Tornadoes! Hurricanes and floods. Earthquakes. Regardless of the type of natural disaster that hits you or your family, one thing is certain: You need to survive it! What is something each and every one of us does each and every day? We consume food. But what happens if there are power outages, or you’re unable