The 10 Best Survival Foods To Stock Up On Are……

canned food

In preparing for a SHTF scenario, a longer term survival situation or just as a practical matter, stocking up on certain foods in case you need them in an emergency is vital to your survival plan.

It also saves money in the long-run as opposed to buying each item separately when you want it and it reduces your need to emerge from safety in the event of a survival situation.

There simply is no good reason excepting lack of space to stockpile certain foods, even if you use them as you usually would over the course of weeks or months.

What you stock and how much is a more debatable question.

As a guide, stockpiling canned foods, grains and nuts is a good starting point.

After that you can pick and choose depending on your individual preference.

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  1. Patrick Buechel said:

    Good advice. Lots of fresh water! I mean lots of fresh water!!!
    Have guns and ammo too!
    Have a plan for hostile situations!
    Good luck.

  2. Grinnan Barrett said:

    I love brown wild rice but it will not store long term. We do mixed buckets. White rice with multiple dried beans and some pastas. All of these in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers then sealed with an iron.