Is That Safe to Eat? Learn The Universal Edibility Test to Find Out

Is that safe to eat? Will it make me sick? If only there were a way to tell, right? Well, you're in luck cause there is. Gone were the days of suffering in the great outdoors, hungry and desperate. Pondering what it would be like to eat those berries or chew on that stem for survival -cause let's face it – if you're considering eating wild food there is a pretty high probability that you've already gone through your food sources. But what happens when you're in that position? You still need to survive!

It's a risky situation to be in, but if you're a true survivor you understand the fundamentals of being prepared, then you'll take the time to test things out before hand. Consider it a recreational activity if you want. A simple way to find out whether or not the shrubs and greenery around you is something that's safe for you to consume. Seems easy enough, right? Well, it is. And you'll be glad you did it.

Wanna be in the know and be able to detect if something in the wild is safe to eat? Good. Cause we want to show you! Continue to page 2 for the details…

Original Image Source: Jo Jakeman


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