The Survivalists Guide To Eating Bugs For Protein

Entomophagy (bug eating) isn’t exactly a revolutionary subject matter. We’ve all tuned in for an episode or two of the television show “Survivor” and have witnessed contestants eating a variety of creepy crawlies to keep themselves alive and in the game.

The true question that comes to mind, after getting over the “ick” factor of course, is just how healthy this practice really is? Survivalist will tell you bugs are a natural source of protein and in a dire situation, that protein can be staying alive or dying.

Interestingly, the practice of Entomophagy, while quite gross to most western civilized countries, is actually considered normal in other lands and – in many cases – bugs are a delicacy!

On the following page we'll explain how bugs are necessary in a survival situation and which ones are safe for consumption! 

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