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Survival Meals In A Jar: The Dry Canning Method

When you are a survivalist there are many things you need to prepare for. One of the top things to have on your “preparedness” list is a well-stocked pantry. A crucial item on your list is what you’ve canned or put in vacuumed sealed jars. We can’t say enough about bottle storage. Items can last anywhere from 7 to

Advantages of Heirloom Seeds vs. Hybrid Seeds, GMOs

As survivalists, there are certain things we already know we should do. Having a pantry with long lasting items, including dehydrated foods, is essential. Learning endurance skills that will take you away from modern conveniences is a great idea. And, if (or when?) the grid goes down, having your own personal vegetable garden will be worth its weight

Dehydrating Eggs For Long Term Storage

We have always been curious about dehydrated eggs. Although we’ve taste tested a wide variety of dehydrated products, eggs have never really been something we’ve been anxious to try. How good can they possibly be? Still, for long term storage, there is nothing better. A lot of things can be made with eggs. Now, after seeing

How To Cook Fish On A Stick

We all know that food is critical when you are facing a survival situation; it is how you fuel your body and keep yourself healthy. In all but the most polluted of environments, fish are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. In most places, they are also the easiest of meat sources to catch

8 Important Tips For Making Dehydrated Survivors Dinners

As survivalists we pride ourselves on the things we can make or, in this case, cook with our own two hands. However, one would be hard-pressed to not admit the dehydrated main dishes found on various companies on-line are tempting. The fact that they’re pre-made and all you have to do is store them away until

13 Must Have Items To Stock Up On For A Crisis

We talk a lot about food when it comes to prepping for a potential disaster and there is a good reason for it. When the grid goes down we really have no idea how long we will be without electricity, water, and other vital necessities. You may think we can run to shelters or food banks

[VIDEO] How To Use Pine Trees For Survival Food

The adage “any port in a storm” applies to food in a survival or SHTF moment. Following the concept of threes, food, obviously, is critical to survival; without it, depending on where you are and your activity level, you can last about three weeks without food. But when you find yourself in a SHTF moment, you

10 Insects You Can Survive On In The Wild

What would you do if you were stuck in a survival situation where you either had to eat bugs or starve? You may feel that eating bugs is out of the question, at least for you. But many people in other parts of the world make eating bugs a primary source of their everyday food intake. Bugs

These Survival Foods Will Outlive You

As a survivalist you probably already have a well-stocked pantry. But did you ever wonder if those crackers you stored away in an air-tight baggy three years ago are still crunchy but not stale? Could there be mold on that vacuumed sealed box of cereal? Wouldn’t it be great just to buy something and know it

A Guide To Wild And Edible Plants

Naturalists have been exploring the virtues of living off the land for decades. Those of you young enough to recall famed author Yul Gibbons will recall how, on television, he would gather his “high bush cranberries” and toss them into a bowl of breakfast cereal. Seemed a fanciful idea at the time but survivalists have taken up

How To Make EPIC MRES (Meals: Ready To Eat)!

Even as a survivalist, when you think about camping the foods you consider bringing with you are not always the most sensible. After all, you know you are going to be eating out in the open, most likely with a tent and a campfire within close proximity, and the thought of a good piece of meat or