10 Insects You Can Survive On In The Wild

What would you do if you were stuck in a survival situation where you either had to eat bugs or starve? You may feel that eating bugs is out of the question, at least for you. But many people in other parts of the world make eating bugs a primary source of their everyday food intake.

Bugs actually have a lot of protein and can sustain you in an event of an emergency.

There are many bugs you can eat as well and perhaps you'll even grow to like them!

Grasshoppers, ants, scorpions (yes, scorpions), locusts, termites, and centipedes are just a few bugs you can eat and learn how to cook correctly.

So what are the top 10 edible insects to eat? Visit the second page to learn all about what bugs to eat in a survival situation! 

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  1. Rachelle N Scott said:

    Bugs usually give ya bugs…I would only eat bugs in a SURVIVAL situation…not a long term solution by any means.

    • Rebecca said:

      You don’t eat em raw… COOK em. That kills worms, parasites, etc. Just as you would cook most meats. They warn all the time about cooking meat thoroughly… That’s to KILL problems… not just to make it look perty. lol

  2. Thomas Snider said:

    Bugs are fine and great source of protein. I have eaten many bugs and never gotten sick. Nothing wrong with them.

  3. Greg Lundberg said:

    I ate locusts baked with a soy sauce glaze in Korea…. Crunched like potato chips and tasted like soy sauce…. Not bad and nothing nasty about it.

    Remember, John the Baptist ate honey and locusts while wandering in the desert….

  4. Gary Dean Smith said:

    People eat aquatic insects all the time and never give it a thought. Pass the shrimp, please.