8 Important Tips For Making Dehydrated Survivors Dinners

As survivalists we pride ourselves on the things we can make or, in this case, cook with our own two hands. However, one would be hard-pressed to not admit the dehydrated main dishes found on various companies on-line are tempting.

The fact that they're pre-made and all you have to do is store them away until needed can be appealing for some.  To their credit, over the years, the meals have become surprisingly tasty. On a personal note, we recently had a dehydrated bean and rice dish that was as good as anything you can get at a respectable family restaurant.

But rather than spend our money on these pre-made items and lazily accept someone else doing all the work, we need to be realistic. If we go off the grid, or are in an emergency, we won't be able to reply on these food companies to take care of us. We need to be self reliant and able to make these on our own.

And trust us, they're not hard either. So no excuses.

On page 2 we'll show you 8 Important Tips For Making Dehydrated Survivors Dinners! 

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