Dehydrating Eggs For Long Term Storage

We have always been curious about dehydrated eggs. Although we’ve taste tested a wide variety of dehydrated products, eggs have never really been something we’ve been anxious to try.

How good can they possibly be? Still, for long term storage, there is nothing better. A lot of things can be made with eggs.

Now, after seeing the video on the following page we may consider taking back our embargo against dehydrated eggs. In today's video post, we foun a way to dehydrate real eggs, stick them in a processor, then store them in an economical mason jar.

Our host is fully willing to share the “messy” part of the job. He’s also quite proud of his chickens and fortunately for him, shows us there is no problem for their family to gather egg 4 dozen at a time to dehydrate!

Go on over to page two and watch this motivating video!

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  1. John Raney said:

    we have chickens, if you rub them with oil they keep about nine months, enough for my hens to start laying in spring.

  2. Trace Atkinson said:

    If you don’t wash to bloom off, they’ll last for months and months. They lose a little texture but they won’t rot.

  3. Ryan Hanes said:

    So what would be the powder measurement to equal 1 egg on something like this??