Are Eggs Sustainable Without Refrigeration? You Might Be Surprised….

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Whether you're surviving in the wild or canning foods for an emergency – eggs are an essential food to have on hand.

You can prepare them in a variety of way and they can sustain you during a SHTF scenario or natural disaster when food rationing is a priority.

A common misconception regarding eggs is they require refrigeration. This could be problematic for those out in nature or at home during a power outage.

In actuality, the need to refrigerate eggs is a common misconception that often results in them being tossed out prematurely.

On the following page we'll discuss this myth and explain how eggs can be sustained without refrigeration.


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  1. Ray Sisco said:

    I lived on a small farm when I was little, and if you left the eggs out too long you would get a little surprise when you cracked them. (A little chick)

  2. Edward McCabe said:

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