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[VIDEO] Learn How Dandelions Can Be A Great Survival Food

Anyone who ever thought a dandelion was just a weed and should be torn out and discarded needs to take in the video on the following page hosted by none other than Survivor Lily! Not only are dandelions filled with nutritional value, including calcium and potassium, but their leafs make a fine salad! We are

Did You Know You Could Dehydrate THESE Foods?

If you dehydrate food you know the basics, how to do it, and what items are the best foods dehydrated. While some foods dry better than others, there are some foods you might never have considered – and they dehydrate super-well! Now, there are the basics, the foods we typically dehydrate: Apples, plums, cherries and

Can This Miracle Tree Cure Cancer?

The fruit known as Soursop is a tangy and sweet treat which, when squeezed, takes on the consistency of a pineapple and mango milkshake. Not only is it delicious, but there are many who believe Soursop, which grows on the Graviola tree, is a curative. Believe it or not, it’s been rumored to fight cancer as well

Great Survival Bread Recipe With A Long Shelf Life

Ready for a bread that has been about since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs and is hard enough to have been around since that time? Sounds unpleasant but it really it’s an important staple for survival! You might know it as hardtack. A bread that was hard and eaten during wartime, usually made about

Learn How To Properly Divide Perennials

Just a reminder and a bit of history: A perennial is a plant, in this case a vegetable, that lives for more than two years. The term is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter-lived annuals and biennials. Dividing your perennials make them healthy, grow quickly, and keeps them from forming large “clumps”. It

[VIDEO] How To Grow Sustainable Food In A Small Space

Many of us want to grow potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, etc. Being able to grow vegetables is essential for being self sufficient. But often times we simply don’t have the room. It’s difficult to have a homesteading spirit, the heart of gardener, without the yard space to actually plant in. But as we will soon find out

[VIDEO] Learn How To Make This Awesome Tank Garden

We have always said that gardening is one of the best things for a self sufficient person can do for themselves. AKA – when the grid goes down you still have food. And knowing what we do now through our research and lifestyle, we’ve learned that people around the world have have created and and

Perennials: Plant Once And Reap The Benefits For A Lifetime

If you know anything about gardening you know perennial vegetables are nearly the perfect plant, easy to grow, nutritious, and good for the environment! It’s also less dependent on water and fertilizers than many regular crops. Perennials are extremely hardy vegetables, can even be neglected for a bit, and will still grow nutritious and abundant

[VIDEO] Simple Bushcraft Rotisserie Chicken In Nature

A good, tender piece of chicken is always tasty but more-so when it is cooked over an open fire in the wilderness. There is no reasoning behind such a thing, other than the exercise and fresh air of the backwoods brings on a great appetite, making anything you eat all the better. But this bushcraft

[VIDEO] Make Your Own Beef Jerky

There are certain foods available to us that are an incredible convenience. One of these foods is beef jerky. It’s crunchy, chewy, meaty, salty and delicious. Granted, to some of us who have sensitivity, jerky can be a little rough on the teeth and gums … However, for prepping purposes, beef jerky can be a life saver during

How To Make This 90 Minute Survival Bread

When it comes to survival and prepping what is easy is a blessing and when it comes to food it is most definitely a keeper! Ninety Minute (90) Survival Bread. AKA – “Man Bread”. So called because it was create by a man — by accident! We are told it is even easier than Overnight