Did You Know You Can Freeze Fruit? Start Storing Now!

Freezing food has been a staple in my kitchen prep for years. I rarely cook meals that are just for one night. Heck – I work a full time job, like most of you do! I don't have time to cook a decent and healthy dinner each and every night. I'm sure I could, but I would be very grumpy and my family would probably prefer eating out than dining at the table with me when I'm in a bad mood. And I wouldn't blame them! But these days I try to be very smart about what I'm cooking, if it can be cooked in bulk, if it will freeze well, if it will reheat well, etc. I tell you, a LOT goes into cooking. I do it because I enjoy cooking, but its always nice to feel like you're winning at something. And these past few weeks I've felt like I'm really winning in my kitchen/food prep game.

Freezing chicken breasts, pork chops, and soups are all things the vast majority has been doing for years. I can still hear my grandmother's voice telling me “when you make these meatballs for your kids one day, you'll appreciate that you took the time to make extra so you can freeze them and get a couple meals out of them without all the work”. My grandma, Nan, was really smart when it came to cooking and I'm so glad she passed on her pearls of wisdom and delicious french recipes to me.

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Original Image Source: Michael Stern


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