When Flour Isn’t Available, These Amazing Alternatives Can Help Us Make Our Own

making flour

Our modern world affords us convenience and being human beings, we generally tend to take it for granted.

For example, if you want homemade chocolate cookies, the ingredients – chocolate chips, butter, eggs, sugar and flour, to name a few, are right at your fingertips.

At most, and we show how inconvenienced we are, you may have to make a trek to the grocery to pick up what you need.

In a survival crisis, however, while chocolate chip cookies might not be foremost on your mind, all that convenience could go by the wayside.

If that happens, flour, which we use in so many different ways, could become scarce and that means if you want some, you would have to make it yourself.

But realistically, how many of us have access to a field full of cereals to make flour?

You do have other, natural alternatives, though, and on the next page we cover a few.

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