Eating to Survive: 7 Bugs That Are Fit for Consumption

edible bugs

We have watched those survivor shows on TV where the group, at one point or another, are made to eat worms or any other type of bug just to show their courage. That is all fine and good but it rather takes away from the idea that this is a desperation measure.

You don’t think those bugs are pre-checked for toxins? Or that the contestants have an MD standing by in case someone gets a tummy ache?

You really should not eat insects in the wild unless you really know what you are getting into or it is a super-desperate situation. Yes, if you are starving eat (certain) bugs but if you do not have to, avoid the creepy critters! Come on, they’re gross!

Okay, we just had to get that last part off our chests.

But again, if you have to we want to steer you in the right direction so go to the next page. There we will show you seven (7) bugs that are fit for consumption!

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