The 10 Best Survival Foods to Stock Up On Are Surprising to Say the Least

canned food

Recently we were talking to a friend whose little boy around either-years-old decided to go on a “food strike.” He decided after eating meatloaf for such a long time that he no longer wanted it anymore. We thought this was pretty funny.

While the boy was expressing his thoughts on his food choices, we have to wonder if he was given the opportunity to eat some meatloaf during a survival situation where survival foods are scarce, would he still be particular?

Most survivliasts like to stockpile food items that they know they will eat. Some may or may not be nutrient rich foods but they should be if you want to make it through the tough days ahead. Calories and high fat content foods are looked down on today but they will be in high demand during a disaster.

On the next page check out ten of the best survival foods to stock up in a pantry when a disaster strikes. We were surprised to discover that some of these items are not what we expected. Luckily there are also some options that even an eight-year-old would like! 😉

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