Food Storage for a Year – Do it Without Breaking the Bank!

bean soup

Note: This post is kind of a last gasp, emergency backup to your survival cache if stuff really gets bad. It ensures you will have food for up to a year, albeit the variety will be lacking – but in a drastic survival situation, where making it through is the only goal, it could be a life saver!

Almost any survivalist has been setting aside food stores for use in a survival situation.

Even the most lackadaisical survivalist at least has a few weeks food stocked up for a long-term incident – something that can get them through until hep arrives or normalcy returns.

Some events, however, could literally be life altering and if that happens, two weeks worth of food, or even a year’s worth, without augmentation, will be used up.

On the next page, we show you how to get you and your family a year's worth of food without breaking the bank or requiring a huge storage space!

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