Find Out Which Foods Are Most Likely to Disappear First During a Collapse


A major disaster just took place and the clock is ticking. Besides grabbing that bug out bag and getting ready to hit the road, it's a reality that time is going to be a factor and there may not be enough time to get out dodge and get those last minute food supplies before it's all gone.

So how do we handle a situation like this? This type of scenario will be the same no matter what type of disaster strikes. However, by preparing ahead of time and being ready with plenty of stockpiled food we can be ahead of everyone else who is going to be rushing out and trying to get what food they can.

Alaska Granny as she likes to call herself lays it out for us on the video as to what food items are likely to disappear first. Yes, it's important to store these items, but we must not over stockpile otherwise our supplies could go bad. Knowing what supplies are going to be in high demand post-collapse will help you prepare for a disaster by stockpiling these items in particular.

Learn about a few items that will be in high demand post-collapse and then watch the video to learn about even more foods that'll likely be scarce. We should stockpile our favorite foods now before they're later gone!

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