(Video) Discover What Foods May Disappear First Post-Collapse… Before it’s Too Late


food and sugar


Sugar isn't always good for us but we sure love it for our cookies, candy, bread, and a variety of other things that have sugar. Imagine not being able to use sugar post-collapse. Right now we have a ton of it, but later not having any of it could very well become a reality we may have to face. Stockpile sugar now to ensure you can make what you want (both healthy and unhealthy dishes) post-collapse!

cooking oil


Oil is another supply that will be more difficult to come by after SHTF and besides using it to cook, it's also great for our skin and coming up with natural remedies. Store oil now so that you'll have plenty of it later.

To learn about more food items that'll be scarce after the collapse, head to the next page. A few in particular I know I couldn't live without. Well, I could, but who wants to especially since we can start stockpiling these items now before it's too late?!

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  1. Chris Brown said:

    Societies never collapse. They just undergo a transition of power