Find Out Which Food Items May Disappear First Post-Collapse… Before it’s Too Late

empty bread shelves

Imagine if a collapse just took place and the clock is ticking. Besides grabbing a bug out bag and either getting ready to bug in or head for a bug out cabin, some panic may set in. The panic is because many people may not have bought enough food supplies before getting out of dodge.

So how can we prevent a situation like this from taking place? Unfortunately it's likely that there's always going to be panic for some people, even if they have planned ahead. However, if you do have the staple items ahead of time you should be less stressed and won't have to be one of those individuals who is running out at last minute trying to get more bread or something else you didn't stock enough of.

On the video on the next page Alaska Granny tell us which food items are likely to disappear first. Stockpiling these items is essential, but we must also replace these supplies regularly so that they stay fresh and don't go bad.

Check out which items will be in highest demand during a collapse and which food items will become scarce right away. If you know now what food is going to disappear first you can prepare ahead of time and make sure you have enough supplies to last a long time!

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