Foods That Are Likely to Disappear First Post-Collapse – Better Stock Up Quick!


We have written articles before about items any prepper or homesteader should have on hand should a chaos situation show itself. As a matter of fact, you are probably tired of hearing about it but this is so important that it really does bear repeating. If you do not have certain items in your pantry you could really be in trouble if ever the SHTF for an ongoing amount of time.

What is different about the video over on the next page is our hostess has really done her homework. It is not just an opinion piece. She has looked into a country who has had SHTF scenarios and opened her ears, really listened, to what they are saying they need most. And what she comes up with makes perfect sense!

While we may never know how long the aftermath of a true disaster will last we can pretty much calculate that your neighborhood grocery store will have empty shelves in a matter of hours, once people can get out of their homes and converge!

It would be best to stock up on the items on the next page as soon as possible!

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