[VIDEO] How To Effectively Grow Vegetables In Pots And Containers

Let’s face it, as much as we liked to not all of us have large plots of fertile land to grow a garden. However, if your backyard is not conducive to digging up soil for planting vegetables then you might want to consider pots and containers.

What is nice about individual containers, in all shapes and sizes, is you can pretty much take them where they need to go. We all understand that plants need sunshine but if you live someplace like in the dessert or Southern California, there is such thing as too much sun. But if you have a potted plant you can move it where it will thrive best, in shade then back again when it needs sun!

And the containers do not have to be a typical planting pot. As long as there is good drainage, holes drilled or poked into the bottom of your container, you can use just about anything!

Go on over to page two and watch this great video and you two will learn how to grow your veggies in pots and containers!

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