How to Make a Survival Slingshot Survival Lilly Style

lilly with her slingshot

Survivor Lilly is a famed outdoors woman, and she shows how to do anything from making a camping shelter to preparing food in the wilderness.

This time, she is showing us how to use a weapon!

You never know what will come at you in the wilderness, so it’s always nice to be manned with the right tool to dispatch at a predator or, if you are looking for a quick meal, taking down a rabbit for dinner!

Or, if using it to capture dinner is not what you prefer, you can always have it around for skill practice. Just how many times can you use your new weapon to knock off a giant log?

On today's video Lilly shows us from the beginning to end how to make a slingshot and although some of her items are pre-packaged we admire how she carved out the base of her slingshot!

Check out her video on page two. We think Lilly enjoyed making the slingshot as much as shooting it!

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