[VIDEO] Outstanding Survival Items That Can Help During a SHTF Moment

Lilly holding a survival knife

Survivor Lilly is an internet sensation and one of the smartest people we know when it comes to showing how to live in the wilderness!

We all recognize that a well-stocked backpack when walking in the wilderness is important. But what if you are in a situation where only a few items are available to you? What if you have to suddenly bug-out but your pack in not yet prepared?

Lilly gives us five items she feels you absolutely must have with you when conditions are bleak, and you have to make it on your own. These are also the items all survivalist should have on their persons even if their bug-out bag is already prepared with others items.

Go over to page two and take a look at the items you need in your bug-out bag!

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  1. Josh Skelton said:

    SKILLS and Social Connections. That’s what you need to work on to survive. You can carry as many skills as you want to learn anywhere. Gimmicky$#%&[email protected]*with “Zombie Slayer” printed on the side is just there to take your money.
    Don’t “lone wolf” that$#%&[email protected]* Doesn’t matter how many guns you brag about, you can only fire one at a time and only look in one direction. Lone wolves are just prey that hasn’t been eaten yet. Don’t be prey, be a predator.