[VIDEO] Learn How to Make This DIY Hammock for Ultimate Relaxation

DIY hammock

Black Raven Survival brings us a terrific video for anyone who has ever wanted to make a do-it-yourself hammock! It’s surprisingly easy and for those of you who are not familiar with using a sewing machine, you will be happy to know firm row-stitches are all that are necessary. That and a little common sense!

Have you ever enjoyed that picture of a man or woman lying in a hammock, relaxing, a drink with an umbrella in hand and wished you had one in your own backyard? Oh sure, you can buy one at the local sports shop, but have you ever priced one of those things?

A friend once joked to me that you could support a third world country for a year with the money doled out for a ready-made hammock!

Go over to page two and check out the great video showing us how to make our own, less expensive outdoor hammock!

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