[VIDEO] Learn The Right Way To Can Your Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great! You can do so much with them. Where would spaghetti be without a great tomato sauce? What about the historic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich?

When you have tomato plants you tend to get a lot of tomatoes and unless you give them away to friends and family there are always those that go to waste. Some go mushy quicker than a slug walking over salt!

What do you do? Trying canning them! The video over on page two takes you through the basics including blanching, peeling, the use of lemon, pressurizing and the all too important canning cooker!

Canning is a great way to prep for when the grid goes down! Those jars can stay on the shelf for months and even years!

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  1. Logan Berges said:

    I agree with canning tomatoes. But check expiration dates on the MREs. Yes they do have them and yes the food does go bad.