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[VIDEO] Herbs For Survival: The Hops Flower

During a survival situation it’s always important to find the best natural ingredients to aid in sickness or any other diagnosed mental or physical illnesses. She’s back! Survival Lilly shows us a flower that is worth its weight in gold when it comes to medicinal purposes! The hop flower, when well prepared, is an awesome

6 Fire Starting Tips Every Survivor Should Memorize

One of the most important things to learn, as a prepper and survivalist, is how to start a fire. Yeah, we know. Bring your matches and/or a lighter and there are no problems, right? Not always. Sincerely, you have to think of the “what if”s in a chaos situation. And, with that in mind, learning

[VIDEO] Awesome MREs In Mason Jars For Food Storage

Obsessive Prepper takes us into her well thought-out world of quart sized mason jars, large buckets, and MRE’s! She’s thinking about the future, which any good prepper will do, and the foods her family will eat should they need to bug-out at the last minute. O.P. has even considered the amount of water she will

25 Survival Tips For Every Day Items

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  ― Benjamin Franklin. Look in your pantry, laundry room, garage, or even your bathroom and you are going to find typical items that you might believe have only one use. However, you may be surprised by just how many uses a single substance can have! We

Super Easy DIY Rain Barrel

Let’s face it, utilities are sky rocketing, including the ever present water and refuse (trash). We always found it a little insulting that we had to pay for both when one or the other was not used from week to week. Our trash, if the barrels were not full, could wait another week, and our

Learn How To Make Compost In Your Apartment

Pretty much anyone who has ever had a garden knows the rewards of compost. Some gardeners have a composting bin and others have a certain section of the yard; a pile of composting materials to scoop up and use when the garden is ready and the compost has sat long enough to be beneficial. Then

Homesteading Items You Can Grab At The Dollar Store

We have to admit that over the years, in this tight economy, we have become Dollar Store connoisseurs. The things you can get there, everything from toothpaste to small tools, is pretty amazing. Not every item is top quality but, you know, for a buck if it doesn’t do exactly what you want, no small loss.

[VIDEO] Check Out This Incredible Bug Out Camp

Survival Lilly has many videos on the internet dealing with prepping, homesteading and – of course – survival. This is one of our favorites, where she takes us into her own completed bug-out camp. It is a beautifully constructed camp/shelter with some terrific surprises, including a supply shelf, fire pit, and a simple chair for

Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With This Natural (And Simple!) Method

In my household growing up, we had a few classifications for house flies and fruit flies. Most of the names we gave them are most definitely not fit for print, so with that in mind we’ll just reference those little buggers as “nuisances” and “pests”. Those words were pretty much high on the list of exclamations whenever we came

[VIDEO] Super Easy DIY Herb Garden Container

When it comes to anything having to do with our backyard garden we like it to be simple. Certainly there are some things a gardener has to do that are time consuming but planting, whether it’s vegetables, herbs or even a trimming from the neighbor’s rose bush, should be easy. What is nice about the

5 Homesteading Tips For Harvesting The BEST Tomatoes

When homesteading, your first goal is to produce. But once you’ve had some time to get a good production line going, you probably want to ensure the production plentiful but that it also tastes good. After all, what’s the good of growing your own vegetables if the ones at the store taste better? Some of the