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[VIDEO] Check Out This Easy To Make PVC Truck Tent

We wanted to share this fun and clever video for you made by a creative lady who took her grandkids out for an overnight camping trip. Instead of pitching a typical tent she made one in the back of her truck, using PVC pipe and a large tarp. It’s a terrific and economical way to get

[VIDEO] Readyman’s Wilderness Survival Card And What It Can Do

What the world of survivalists, preppers and homesteaders really needs is a credit card sized survival kit that can fit in your wallet — and can be pulled out at a moment’s notice! Asking too much? It actually exists! It’s a novelty item but does have some attention-grabbing things incorporated, like fish hooks, spear heads, and

[VIDEO] Epic Survival Uses For Vaseline

Oh, this is a good one! Any prepper, homesteader or survivalist will want to know all about the uses of Vaseline! As we have said over and over again, we love items that have practical and plenty of uses. Vaseline is one of these items! It doesn’t just make for a terrific moisturizer or cold

Why Buy Soap When You Can Make It Yourself?

Have you ever purchased one of those store-bought soaps, maybe something you’ve never tried before but were told – through advertisements – that it is the best thing since purified water? You start scrubbing away with it and suddenly something seems wrong. There is a weird film all over your face and body … or

Homesteading Tips: Naturally Treating Ear Aches

If you or a member of your family has ever had a bad earache you know that the sooner relief is acquired the better. An earache is not just painful but it’s often the precursor to headaches and neck discomfort. Some people even report it effects their throat in ways that have nothing to do

Do You Possess These Critical Homesteading Skills?

Some have homesteading foisted upon them because of where they live while others simply prefer an existence where they are their own boss and can “live off the land”. Homesteading skills are less about wilderness survival and prepping for a disaster, although both are important and – to a smaller degree –  involved with homesteading, than

Tips For Seasonal Gardening and Companion Planting

When you are a prepper or homesteaders a great goal is to nurture a textbook ecosystem for your impressive garden. Also you need to prevent the nuisances, whether they be rodents or bugs, that would obliterate plants. Companion planting isn’t just rotating vegetables. You need to maintain a careful balance and give the garden a good upbringing.

Make These Simple 72 Hour Food Supply Kits

Having a food supply or survivors kit available for you and your family is a great idea. Unless you are an ultimate prepper, with nerves of steel, the first twenty four hours after a disaster will throw an average person off their game. You may not be thinking clearly, just knowing that the family needs

Unconventional Camping Gadgets You Need To Check Out

You have your canteen, your knife, tinder, and even that extra heavy-duty tarp you often use as shelter against possible rain. Now what? On your next wilderness trek or camping trip you might want to think about trying something different, packing an item into your bug-out bag that is not a part of your usual

Growing Your Own Herbs? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Everyone loves fresh herbs! When preparing a stupendous meal, in need of an awesome kick, we would much rather look into our garden rather than pulling out a bottle with crushed, pulped and possibly processed herbs that have been on the shelf for Heaven knows how long! If you are new to herb gardening all

[VIDEO] Learn How To Make A Primitive Bushcraft Candle

Needing a light source in nature is critical. And this primitive bushcraft candle doesn’t disappoint. Today, we’ve got Survival Lilly showing us how to make this awesome candle using things she may not particularly comfortable with. Lilly likes the idea of including bees wax in her project but admits the only way to get the substance would be tearing apart

Easy To Make Food Storage Shelf!

We love this idea. It is so ingenious and you have to wonder why it was never thought of before. Who knows, maybe it was but some smart people kept it to themselves! Think of it: You have just gone through your garden, pulling up all sorts of veggies and fruits. You can clean them

Make This Simple Feeding Station For Animals In Nature

As a homesteader or prepper your garden and/or fields are important. They will keep you sustained during the toughest of situations. Unfortunately, the better the field the more likely animals will come by, wanting to take advantage of the great greenery you’ve grown. Meanwhile in the woods, Survivor Lilly finds scrap pieces of wood and