[VIDEO] Create This Sustainable And Efficient Bottle Garden

If you are a good prepper you not only want to make certain your pantry is loaded with lots of shelf tested foods. Having fresh from the ground variety is also a must for not just nutritional value but for peace of mind! The canned stuff gets old pretty quick and more-so if you have to eat it weeks at a time!

Finding space in your backyard for a vegetable or spice garden is always a problem, especially if you have an extra-small backyard. It may not seem feasible but you would be surprised how you can get around that problem. If there is one thing we’ve learned it’s if you can’t spread out it’s advisable to “up”.

Vertical or bottle gardening is becoming more and more frequent. It will seem strange at first but if you watch and follow the video on page two you will see how it can be done!

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