Growing Your Own Herbs? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Everyone loves fresh herbs! When preparing a stupendous meal, in need of an awesome kick, we would much rather look into our garden rather than pulling out a bottle with crushed, pulped and possibly processed herbs that have been on the shelf for Heaven knows how long!

If you are new to herb gardening all you need do is master a few simple hands-on tricks. Soon you will be cooking like famed cook and talk show hostess Rachael Ray!

Honestly, herbs are a delight and if you follow a few simple rules they are easy to grow. And what’s better, you can grow them in your kitchen or outside. Therefore they are perfect for either house or apartment living!

When grown, herbs are healthy and you can toss them into salads as easily as your favorite stew, chicken dish or vegan surprise! For some great tips please go over to page two and learn how you too can overcome common mistakes and grow luscious, often leafy herbs!

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