Homesteading Tips: Naturally Treating Ear Aches

If you or a member of your family has ever had a bad earache you know that the sooner relief is acquired the better. An earache is not just painful but it’s often the precursor to headaches and neck discomfort. Some people even report it effects their throat in ways that have nothing to do with a bronchial infection.

Quite naturally, we want to get rid of an earache ASAP!

But let’s say the worst has happened and that easy trip to the pharmacy is no longer an option. Do we suffer in silence or find a natural way to stop the soreness?

Personally, we hate pain and the sooner relief arrives the easier we can live our lives. On page two we are going to give you some wonderful tips and tricks to ease the pain of an earache with items you may be able to find in your own pantry.

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