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4 Methods To Creating a Survival Shelter Using A Military Poncho

4 Methods To Creating a Survival Shelter Using A Military Poncho

All survivalists understand the importance of staying dry when out in nature. Staying dry prevents us from getting cold, potentially experiencing the onset of hypothermia and then the obvious: unnecessary discomfort. Nylon ponchos are an excellent item to keep in your survival arsenal as they can provide a wide variety of uses, including shelter from

Make Your Own Compartmentalized Fire Straws For Emergencies

Matches work great when they’re dry. But we’ve all been in outdoor situations with items that are mean to be kept dry somehow get damaged and wet. In the case of matches, they only work properly when they’re dry. So whether you’re walking in the woods and are suddenly met with a rain storm, or your fishing

5 Beneficial Things You Can Do With Recycled Rain Water

In this day and age of water shortages, and certain cities allowing home owners an allotment of only ten minutes an evening to water lawns, it is – especially common in the West Coast – important to recycle the water that comes from the sky. For centuries drought ridden areas, and even those areas that are not so parched, have

How To Keep Cool During A Summer Power Outage

Many of us tend to think we’re prepared for the upcoming Summer months. We’ve uncovered the AC, cleaned it, oiled it changed the air filters and given it a test run. Then during the hottest days of the year – when we need relief most – there is a power outage! And another. And another. Yes, it’s unfair, but

Stock Up On These Food Items While You Can

You never know when a natural disaster will strike and when it does driving to the grocery store, facing empty shelves and harried clerks, may be a thing of past – for your family. Canning and stocking up on non-perishable food items is not just for your grand-parents anymore. Anyone who is a survivalist or

Is Your First Aid Kit Up To Date? When To Throw Items Out

Almost all of us have held onto medications from many years ago -but never completely used. After all, those items weren’t cheap, so why toss them in the trash when they might be necessary at another time? In some instances, time can do medication some damage. Medications can lose their potency if kept after their expiration date.

The Survivalists Guide To Eating Bugs For Protein

Entomophagy (bug eating) isn’t exactly a revolutionary subject matter. We’ve all tuned in for an episode or two of the television show “Survivor” and have witnessed contestants eating a variety of creepy crawlies to keep themselves alive and in the game. The true question that comes to mind, after getting over the “ick” factor of course, is just how

Awesome Survival Foods For Your Survival Kit

Conventional wisdom states that everyone needs an emergency kit. Whether you’re living on the east coast with severe rain and snow storms, in middle America where there are tornados and hurricanes, or the west coast, where there is often the fear of frightful earthquakes, common sense states you need to be prepared. Food is a very important

Excellent Herbs and Natural Medicine For Emergencies

Before the advent of store bought aspirin or pricey skin ointments, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and all their family and friends, were using herbs and simply pantry items in their homemade First Aid kits. While rashes and sicknesses were hardly made a thing of the past the symptoms were brought under control and those man-made

3 Awesome Survival Fishing Techniques You Need To Master

There are so many fishing techniques out there, but it’s important to be well versed in a variety of methods. In a survival situation, you never know what supplies, tools or conditions you’ll be in. Being mentally prepared with various techniques to pull from in an emergency will be critical to your survival. Scenario: You’re