3 Awesome Survival Fishing Techniques You Need To Master

There are so many fishing techniques out there, but it's important to be well versed in a variety of methods. In a survival situation, you never know what supplies, tools or conditions you'll be in. Being mentally prepared with various techniques to pull from in an emergency will be critical to your survival.

Scenario: You're in a desperate situation, trying to find a way to sustain yourself and those you're with. You're in for a days-long journey and you're in the middle of no where. In a survival situation like this one, first things first: You need food.

You can go for edible berries and plant life for a while,  but once you find a stream or river you should expand your palate and start looking for fish. They're nearly a perfect source of nutrition and protein which will give you needed strength to keep going.

It's probably in your best interest to follow the path of the river anyway. You may as well fish for sustenance as you’re working your way back to civilization, right?

On the following page, we'll show you THREE Awesome Survival Fishing Techniques You Need TO Master! 

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