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Why You Need To Get A Ham Radio (If You Don’t Have One Already)

Why You Need To Get A Ham Radio (If You Don’t Have One Already)

Ham radio certainly seems to be making a relevant resurgence from those post WW2 years when they were used by fanciers who basically just wanted to talk with another friendly voice. Or even in later years from those who wished to exchange dialogue with truck drivers on the road, as this was a way to identify where they’ve

Epic List of Survival Gear: The Ultimate in Preparedness

Survival is know-how and preparation but also a series of lists. Initially, we need the basics to live comfortably. This includes food, water and clothes. And, of course, hand tools and shelter. However, when not knowing how long you will be on your own in a world of chaos, there are other things to consider.

Make This Awesome Altoids Survival Kit

We’ve seen various types of survival kit methods and ideas, but this one in today’s post is truly an ingenious idea. For those of you who were unaware of this option, we’ll explain it in detail for you! If you’ve never heard of Altoids, they’re the “curiously strong” mint sold in most grocery stores and

5 Items You’ll Wish You Had In A Survival Situation

As a survivalists you already have a good collection of items in your pantry and bug-out-backpack or bag. These are things you know you will need — but is it everything you’ll need? There is always a feeling at the back of your mind that you might be forgetting something. But we’ve come to realize that’s normal.

5 Knife Truths That Are Actually….False!

Often information is given over the internet that is at times blatantly incorrect. Unfortunately, because it’s repeated over and over many people think these lies or myths must be true. This is true about knives. Specifics and folklore regularly get mixed together and soon there is great confusion. No one is certain if what they want to

Self Sufficiency Skills That Can Save Your Wallet

As survivalists, we have learned and acquired skills to keep ourselves going in the event of a disaster. We know it will take time for life to return back to what we once knew it to be, if it ever does at all. But, with all that preparation comes some hefty expenses. It’s important to have cash

These Survival Foods Will Outlive You

As a survivalist you probably already have a well-stocked pantry. But did you ever wonder if those crackers you stored away in an air-tight baggy three years ago are still crunchy but not stale? Could there be mold on that vacuumed sealed box of cereal? Wouldn’t it be great just to buy something and know it

Using Banana Peels To Purify Water

While it’s probably not rocket science to say that contaminated water is bad for you, few know what it takes to actually remove the contaminants out of water. Charcoal is certainly an option. If you’ve ever had a fish tank you may recall putting charcoal and padding inside the filter to keep the water clean.

Old Time Survival Skills That Are Relevant Today

As early as fifty or sixty years ago, whether we realize it or not, modern society was learning basic survival skills. On any given weekend a boy usually could be found under the hood of the car with his Dad, changing plugs or replacing a battery. There was raking and mowing to be done, wood to be chopped

Make This Simple And Effective Earth Oven!

Just think, a survivalists dream come true! A backyard earth oven that is serviceable and attention-grabbing! There are actually a few good reasons why someone might want to build an outdoor earth oven. First, building it is pretty easy if you follow the instructions given. Second, baking and/or cooking with it gets you outdoors away

A Guide To Wild And Edible Plants

Naturalists have been exploring the virtues of living off the land for decades. Those of you young enough to recall famed author Yul Gibbons will recall how, on television, he would gather his “high bush cranberries” and toss them into a bowl of breakfast cereal. Seemed a fanciful idea at the time but survivalists have taken up

How To Make EPIC MRES (Meals: Ready To Eat)!

Even as a survivalist, when you think about camping the foods you consider bringing with you are not always the most sensible. After all, you know you are going to be eating out in the open, most likely with a tent and a campfire within close proximity, and the thought of a good piece of meat or

Alternate Ways You Can Use Your Mylar Blanket

A mylar blanket can go by other names:  Space blanket, first aid blanket, emergency blanket, thermal blanket or weather blanket. It is made of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting and is designed to reduce the heat loss in a person’s body. Its compact size (before un-bundling) and light weight which makes the mylar blanket ideal for

Wilderness Survival Skills And The Basics YOU Should Know

As survivalists we put ourselves in the situation of preparedness. While others may not see the necessity of learning how to endure should something unforeseen or even catastrophic were to happen, we know better. Survival for ourselves as well as others may very well depend on our wilderness know-how. Think of this article as a