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[VIDEO] Simple Bushcraft Rotisserie Chicken In Nature

A good, tender piece of chicken is always tasty but more-so when it is cooked over an open fire in the wilderness. There is no reasoning behind such a thing, other than the exercise and fresh air of the backwoods brings on a great appetite, making anything you eat all the better. But this bushcraft

Why You Need To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp

The restorative properties of salt should never be under-valued. Think about it. What do you, as a survivalist, use when you have a sore throat? If you really want to go off the grid – salt water! It’s also been said that salt can help clear sinus and respiratory issues, treat bronchitis and also aid

How To Successfully Utilize Plastic In Your Garden

When you think of your organic garden then think of the word “plastic” there seems to be an odd contradiction going on somewhere. Plastics have their place but in a garden? Don’t plastic take forever to break down and isn’t that bad foe the earth? Well, sure. But plastic sheets do have their place. It

[VIDEO] Make Your Own Beef Jerky

There are certain foods available to us that are an incredible convenience. One of these foods is beef jerky. It’s crunchy, chewy, meaty, salty and delicious. Granted, to some of us who have sensitivity, jerky can be a little rough on the teeth and gums … However, for prepping purposes, beef jerky can be a life saver during

Learn How To Make Alcohol With These Homegrown Foods

If you are a serious survivalist you probably already have a garden and maybe even a fruit tree or two. If you’re lucky (or as we say, self sufficient and prepared) you’ve got your salad, your side dish and even dessert all there for the taking. But we are all about multi-purposing so … Did you know

How To Make This 90 Minute Survival Bread

When it comes to survival and prepping what is easy is a blessing and when it comes to food it is most definitely a keeper! Ninety Minute (90) Survival Bread. AKA – “Man Bread”. So called because it was create by a man — by accident! We are told it is even easier than Overnight

11 Epic Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

While we are often tempted to call something a “miracle product” if it meets and exceeds our expectations, we would really be hard pressed to dial it back for a certain chemical that can be found under most kitchen sinks! Once again, as preppers and survivalists, we need to stock up on products that not

12 Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Food, glorious food! Chow storage for a prepper is probably one of the most important things he or she will do. If you have food, be it canned, dehydrated or even frozen, you can sustain yourself. Yes, quite obvious but also true. Now, there are some common mistakes every prepper at one time or another

21 Epic Uses For Coca Cola

But it’s not as absurd as you might think! Coca Cola is not just a refreshing soda, particularly delicious over ice in your favorite tall glass, but it’s also quite useful. We’ve all got a laundry list of things that need to be done around the house and in our yard. So when we find every day

Firemaking Tips – How To Improve Your Technique

Let’s get a definition out of the way first. Fire: the rapid oxidation of a material through a chemical process of ignition. It releases heat, light, and various reactions depending on the product ignited. The flame is the detectable portion of the fire. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame

[VIDEO] How To Build A Trash Barrel Root Cellar

Just as a reminder for new survivalists, a root cellar holds food supplies at a low temperature and steady humidity. A cellar keeps food from freezing during the winter and it keeps food cool during summertime to prevent spoilage. Typically vegetables like potatoes, turnips, and carrots are placed in a root cellar. Some people also place jars

Off Grid Toothpaste You Can Get From Nature

We brush our teeth for a few good reasons. It’s hygienic (most importantly), removes food, improves our breath, whitens our teeth, and prevents us from going through the pain and agony of tooth decay. As survivalists we have to consider what we will use once our tube(s) of toothpaste has been used-up. Dental hygiene is all important,