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Survival Meals In A Jar: The Dry Canning Method

When you are a survivalist there are many things you need to prepare for. One of the top things to have on your “preparedness” list is a well-stocked pantry. A crucial item on your list is what you’ve canned or put in vacuumed sealed jars. We can’t say enough about bottle storage. Items can last anywhere from 7 to

Advantages of Heirloom Seeds vs. Hybrid Seeds, GMOs

As survivalists, there are certain things we already know we should do. Having a pantry with long lasting items, including dehydrated foods, is essential. Learning endurance skills that will take you away from modern conveniences is a great idea. And, if (or when?) the grid goes down, having your own personal vegetable garden will be worth its weight

Dehydrating Eggs For Long Term Storage

We have always been curious about dehydrated eggs. Although we’ve taste tested a wide variety of dehydrated products, eggs have never really been something we’ve been anxious to try. How good can they possibly be? Still, for long term storage, there is nothing better. A lot of things can be made with eggs. Now, after seeing

5 Awesome Fire Starting Techniques

Whether you’re preparing to go out into the wild or you just have some useful tools in your kit for emergencies, fire is probably one of the items that will be most indispensable. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also cook your meals and provide light when you need it during the evening. Every survivalist needs a

[VIDEO] Make This Water Filtration System For Under $15…

As survivalists we know if the grid ever goes down there will be certain (and often important) constants in our everyday lives that will become unavailable, non functional or even unhealthy. We need to be prepared for any eventuality. One of the most important things required for survival is the need for clean filtered water. Because who really knows

[VIDEO] How To Make This Awesome Bushcraft Shelter Tent

If you ever find yourself out in nature and need emergency shelter, this is the post for you. Typically we only venture out when we have all the necessary survival items on hand. First things first: Shelter. But sometimes things don’t go as planned, tents get ruined and at the end of the day, you

[VIDEO] Super Easy DIY For A Tandoor Oven

Whether you are in a crisis, a SHTF scenario, or you’re temporary “off the grid” due to a power outage – you’ll need to eat. And in most cases you’ll need some sort of cooking option. Because your conventional stove or oven indoors may not be an option in this situation, its best to be

Bushcraft 101: Sycamore Twig Whistle DIY

As survivalists it is always good to have a good whistle for an emergency situation. Anything you can use to attract the attention of possible saviors is a good thing! Remember six short whistles is a sign of distress, which may come in handy during an emergency situation. They say the best season to find

How To Get Additional Uses From An EPI-Pen In An Emergency

If you suffer from allergic reactions to insect bites, food, drugs or other common allergens, you know how serious it can be. The definition of anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction to an antigen (e.g., a bee sting) to which the body has become hypersensitive. And, quite frankly, it’s frightening; especially so when awaiting help in

8 Important Tips For Making Dehydrated Survivors Dinners

As survivalists we pride ourselves on the things we can make or, in this case, cook with our own two hands. However, one would be hard-pressed to not admit the dehydrated main dishes found on various companies on-line are tempting. The fact that they’re pre-made and all you have to do is store them away until

55 Self Reliant Skills You Need To Master For Survival

Do you take your survival skills for granted? Sure, we are prepping for possible future chaos by canning goods, stocking up on those dehydrated meals, building functional cooking tools in our backyard (fire bit, BBQ, clay oven, etc), and making certain lighting options and blankets are stored carefully for future use … …but there are still

7 Awesome Primitive Fire Starting Methods

Almost all dedicated survivalists have a set of plans or “drills” in place for when an emergency occurs. Whether the power goes out, you’re hit with an unexpected natural disaster or you’re simply out in nature – you’re somewhat prepared. Part of that preparation involves being able to start a fire. Some of us might have lighters

7 Epic Survivalist Uses Apple Cider Vinegar

When we look at our survival arsenal, not many of us think to include apple cider vinegar with our essential items. And don’t feel bad if you fall into this category. Until reading this, we didn’t either. When we were children the thought of vinegar didn’t exactly conjure up pleasant feelings. It was smelly and tasted gross. Plain

[VIDEO] How To Equip Your Car For Any Emergency

Traditionally, survivalists think about their home-front when preparing for an emergency. But the grid going down is not the only crisis we face. There are everyday emergencies, natural disasters, health emergencies, and roadside dangers that we should also consider. Even though we rightly think of our own families when it comes to a crisis, we

[VIDEO] Make This Garden Barrel Planter And Save Space

If you have a decent sized backyard with rich soil, you’re able to plant any number of vegetables, spices and herbs! There’s nothing better for a survivalist than to have an abundance of space to work with. That being said, many are not blessed with a large space. Ourselves included! So in situations like this, we need to work with

Make This Simple DIY Enclosed Camp Shower

Showers are a luxury many of us don’t want to go without. Especially if you’ve been out in the wild hunting, fishing or just completing some target practice with your new gun or bow. You’re going to get dirty, sweaty and grimy after an outdoor exertion. While you can always get away without showering for a few

13 Must Have Items To Stock Up On For A Crisis

We talk a lot about food when it comes to prepping for a potential disaster and there is a good reason for it. When the grid goes down we really have no idea how long we will be without electricity, water, and other vital necessities. You may think we can run to shelters or food banks