[VIDEO] How To Equip Your Car For Any Emergency

Traditionally, survivalists think about their home-front when preparing for an emergency. But the grid going down is not the only crisis we face. There are everyday emergencies, natural disasters, health emergencies, and roadside dangers that we should also consider.

Even though we rightly think of our own families when it comes to a crisis, we could easily find ourselves in an emergency that involves other people. And as we all know, not everyone has thought ahead or carries the same survivor mentality that we have. If we encounter an emergency situation away from home, our skills can save lives. That's a reality.

The video on the following page shows what you can do and how you can stock your vehicle with items that can save your life and the life of another. Whether it's someone you love or a complete stranger who is involved in any form of accident.

On the next page, we'll show you a video that shows some excellent items to have in hand for an emergency.

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